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Police 15m Bleep Test

About the bleep test

The beep test, bleep test or multi stage shuttle run test is traditionally run over a 20m distance. However the police and some other organisations use a 15m bleep test. This fitness article contains information on why strength training and specificity is important for your bleep test preparation! This information should be read prior to any training done when preparing for any variation of bleep test.

Running the police 15m bleep test

The bleep test consists of two lines, 15m apart. There are 20m bleep tests but within the police the 15m one is used. An audio recording will dictate the pace of the test by way of a series of beeps. Participants will run to and from the lines keeping in time with these beeps. The time between the beeps will get progressively shorter as each level advances. The change in level is indicated by the recording. If a participant reaches the line before the beep they must wait until the beep before running on. If they arrive after the beep they have a few chances to catch up. Often by this time fatigue will have set in and the test will be over for that person.

The bleep test is an efficient and time tested way of testing certain aspects of fitness. It is progressive in its nature. It requires a gradual increase in the effort required to run. The aim is to find the point where participants cease effort because they cannot sustain the pace. Generally the test will end when one misses three consecutive bleeps.

The test gives a measureable result for personal fitness monitoring and job selection purposes. It is a fair and reliable test providing test conditions are kept the same.

A few facts about the 15m bleep test

The speeds of a bleep test at a few select levels are as follows:

Level 5-6 = 9.9km/h

Level 9-10 = 12km/h

Level 14-15 = 14km/h

The time from the start of the test to the end of a few levels is indicated below:

Level 0-6 = 4min 3sec

Level 0-10 = 7min 13sec

Level 0-15 = 11min 12sec

Level 0-17.14 (max) = 13min 33sec

 You can download the 15m bleep test as used within the police and the training files from this page now.

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