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    For simple 15m bleep test training tips.

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Welcome to Fit4duty

This site provides simple bleep test training information.. Its all to help you pass the police fitness test with ease. Bleep test training files can be downloaded too.

The bleep test is 100% acheivable for everyone if you prepare for it. Take a look around our site and read the blog. .
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Download the test

The 15m bleep test is achievable for all. Accept that it is a test....and sometimes people fail tests. We learn from negative experiences, we learn what works for us and what doesn't. With a little time investment we can make sure the police fitness test does not beat us.

Download bleep test here
Do check out some of my training articles on the blog, you will find a lot of great content here Learn more...

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    Are you fitter than a 5 year old?
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  • police fitness
    Win the chase, then hold on!
    So you are sprinting down the street, you grab the offender, struggling to hold on….he is younger, lighter, wearing no armour, no kit belt and may be fuelled on performance enhancing illegal...
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Fitness Testing

Training tips and information on the 15m bleep test as used by UK police service.

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Fat loss tips, programs and nutritional advice that works.


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